Street Team


Interested in joining the Once a Hero Street Team?
Here's the scoop, we are looking for a small group of dedicated fans who are interesting in putting in a little time to not only help us promote our shows, but also to make a positive impact on their local scene and make friends with other street teamers.

Right now we are looking for motivated individuals who are interested in one or more of these positions:
1) Flyering and other promotion in your area
2) Graphic design/Artwork (flyers, t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
3) Work our merch table at shows in your area

In return for your time, you'll get free stuff (t-shirts, stickers, CD's), free entry to our shows and your own personal street team profile page on our website. You'll also have first crack at any new recordings before we make them available to everybody else. In addition, we are open to suggestions, you let US know what we can do for you!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our street team, please contact us at

Currently we are looking for street team members in the following areas:
and more as we begin to play in new areas...