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Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Once A Hero were formed in the fall of 2000 when bassist and vocalist Alex Robins, guitarist Doug Swarts, and second guitarist Jon Woods joined drummer Adam Tatro to start a band that has since been described as "solid post-punk with a lasting indie impression." The sound they create is a rush of emotive lyrics and harmonizing vocals set to the backdrop of textured guitars and intricate drumming. The band quickly found themselves asked to perform at venues in and around their hometown opening for nationally touring acts and soon headlining shows of their own.

The summer of 2002 had the band going on the road themselves, supporting their self- released EP entitled, "The Central Standard EP." The month-long tour had them playing venues throughout the Midwest, West Coast, and Southwest United States. They returned with a passion to write and record new material, which shows a newfound sense of maturity and confidence.

With a new album and summer tour in the works, Once A Hero continues to take their band above and beyond convention.